At ASC, we understand that each industry has differing security needs. By gaining a thorough understanding of the requirements of our customer’s business sectors, ASC can design and implement quality systems that have a proven track record whilst providing the latest in cutting edge technologies and business maximisation tools.

Banking Integration

ASC financial security solutions provide centralised security surveillance and fraud defence across an organisation’s entire operation, from retail banking branches, ATM lobbies and parking lots, to corporate offices, vaults, cash counting areas and data centres.

The ASC Financial Transaction Investigation (FTI) application provides a robust and reliable tool for investigating potentially fraudulent banking transactions using a central data capture architecture. This architecture enables investigators to search for suspicious transactions across all branches with a single query, and allows the results list to be refined to reveal the exact transaction profile desired.

Data and video analytics such as “skimming detection” use customisable rules to monitor ATM transaction data and video records simultaneously and alert investigators to incidents of skimmer installation or cash harvesting.

Retail Integration

Loss prevention investigators can take advantage of our Retail Transaction Investigator (RTI) software for essential exception reporting. RTI provides rapid drill-down capabilities that enable investigators to search high risk transactions such as refunds, no-sales and voids.

By combining high-quality video images with transaction data, loss prevention managers and executives can not only combat employee theft, but also quickly resolve customer disputes, tackle vendor fraud, ensure a safe environment for staff and the public as well as provide assistance for OH&S management.

From world leading video intelligence tools through to access control and intrusion, we can deliver an end to end loss prevention, investigation and monitoring solution to your organisation.

ASC has extensive experience within the retail industry and provides national security contracts for some of Australia and New Zealand’s largest retailers.

Commercial Integration

ASC offer a complete range of commercial and industrial integrated solutions that deliver a seamless and comprehensive approach for projects of virtually any size or commerce.

Our design and project management teams understand that the success of any project depends ultimately on the quality of planning and in depth design knowledge of security solutions.

With well established partnerships with the world’s leading security technology suppliers, ASC can deliver a range of CCTV, Intrusion and Access control solutions that are scalable, integrated and easy to maintain.

We offer security services that not only address your growing security needs, but your important business ones as well. Business optimisation is exceedingly important in this new era and economy, where security services are no longer simply a tolerated expense, but a valued investment.

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